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30 April 2006 @ 08:14 pm
Slow Dancing  
Cross-posted from adventures_in for Music Porn Week, and my own fic journal, haldoor_honey.

Featuring: OF/JH (Panther/Tiger) Thanks, as always, to our darling "Puma" for allowing us use of her characters.

Warnings: NC-17. Yes, there's sex (and a whole lot of dancin' *grin*).

Disclaimer: It's all part of our wicked plan to warp the entire universe, and no, as far as we know, it's not true (dammit).

Beta: Yes, I did it myself, but with therosewilde's approval!

Feedback: Marshmallows for Jack, and I'm all about chocolate fish, myself!

Music: Inspired by Chris Isaak's Wicked Game, and also featuring Dancin' from the same album, also called "Wicked Game".

Tiger turned off the shower and reached for a towel. His back was feeling a little better for the hot water, but he'd still be quite glad when Panther arrived and he could get a massage. It had been quite a physical on-site mission that they'd just returned from, with quite a lot of running around - one of those kidnapping cases where they'd kept moving the hostage, and their team had been one step behind at every turn. Finally, they'd managed to corner the bastards, and surprisingly, no one had been hurt. Tiger was grateful for that at least, but it had left him tense and aching. Now, he just needed to relax, and the best way to do that was under Panther's hands.

He quickly slipped into a T-shirt and jeans, belting up, and then padded over to the stereo to flip on a CD. Excellent, Chris Isaak was still in the player, and "Wicked Game" started up. He huffed a bit of a laugh remembering how he'd felt last time he heard the song, when he'd had that bad dream about his lover getting killed, and was glad that that part of their past was over. He turned the music up and made his way into the kitchen to put the coffee on.

Oded could never relax after a mission until he knew that those he had left behind on base were also well. He had found Heath at Craig and Harry's cottage, three birds with one smile, or at least two cats and a dog, and now he could return to Josh. He would have laid a bet against himself that Tiger would be asleep when he returned, but no, the open door yielded the scent of coffee and quiet song drifting from the stereo. Panther did not recognise the tune or the singer, but as he made his way to the kitchen the words echoed through him, melancholy. Reaching Josh he rested his hands either side of his lover's waist, trying to avoid startling him before sliding them around him.

"You smell clean now, at least,” he teased gently.

"Thanks," Josh replied, pretending to be put out, as he leaned back into Oded's arms, "It's always good to know how offensive I am on the job." He grinned and turned his head sideways to give Panther the chance to kiss him. He swayed a little to the music, the rhythm too much for him to resist.

Waiting a moment until Josh's hands were free Oded turned the younger man to face him before leaning in for a kiss, arms around Tiger's waist and moving slightly with him. He had not known if Josh liked to dance, the topic never one which arose, but they seemed to fit together as well here as in all things.

Josh responded to the kiss with gentleness, arms going around Oded as his lover's arms met around him too. Both of them still swaying in time with the music, he began to sing along softly as he gazed into Oded's eyes.

"I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I knew somebody like you."

Oded's smile softened at the words, as he met Josh's gaze, that they were dancing alone in a kitchen no stranger than any other part of their world, something them, different but wonderful, the rhythm of the music drawing him closer to Josh, the warmth of his lover's body against his own bliss, and he turned his head to rest against Tiger's shoulder, letting the song wash through him as Josh sang.

Tiger closed his eyes briefly as Oded laid his head against Josh's shoulder, continuing to sing, still swaying slowly in time to the gentle, sultry beat.

"What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you."

This time, however, the words meant something completely different from the last time Josh had listened to them alone, and a slow smile crept across his face.

The words were...interesting, could speak of pain, betrayal, but the way Josh moved against him, the smile Oded could all but feel coming from his lover, they spoke of something entirely other. Panther's lips trailed up Tiger's throat, a slow line of kisses until he reached Josh's ear.

"And what wicked things do your dreams see?" he purred, his hands sliding lower to clasp Josh against him, fitting tighter together now, closer, the heat between them rising steadily as they danced.

"Oh," Josh answered, his grin widening even further, even as he shivered against the kisses up his neck, "You and me... naked..." He gave his hips an extra sway as he said this, increasing the already growing heat.

"Tease." Oded murmured, moving once more to kiss Tiger, tongue brushing against the soft lower lip, teeth nipping gently as his hips pressed forward, circling. He had believed himself tired, worn from the on-site, but now in Tiger's arms, such considerations were far from his mind, his body answering his lover's call as they kissed.

"Tease? Me?" Tiger replied between kisses, moving them subtly but surely back through the living area as they continued to sway to the insistent rhythm, slowly but assuredly increasing his own movements against Panther's hips, knowing they were both equally aroused now. He tightened his grip against Oded and nipped back at the luscious lips in front of him.

Panther followed Josh's direction back into the living room, gasping as Josh's movements wound the thread of desire tighter, his own response more desperate, yet somehow still driven by the music, hips swaying ever as he pressed against his lover, his body aching with need, passion weaving a song if it's own through him.

God, Josh was going to have to let go of Oded now... they had to get fewer clothes between them, that's all there was to it. He pulled his arms away from their grip on Oded's back, allowing the other man's arms to keep them close at the hips, and removed the T-shirt in one easy movement, still in tune with the beat. The song was fading now, they'd been dancing that long, but the next one started up, equally as sexy.

As Josh began to strip, Oded's smile broadened, and he ran a palm lightly down Tiger's chest.

"Perhaps I should have asked you to dance much sooner," he purred, kissing a bare shoulder, one fingertip circling a taut nipple, enjoying the sudden shiver he wrought from his lover.

“Perhaps you should have,” Josh answered, eyelids lowered sexily, shivering into the sensations on his skin, and then speeding up his movements fractionally to the beat of the new song, “Dancin’”.

“This is us,” he grinned, and sang along again, “I keep on dancin', dancin'. Nothing left to say, nothing left to do. I find myself alone, I'm thinking just of you. You got me dancin', dancin'.”

"Though perhaps I would have found myself mysteriously confined to the house for...quite some time." As he spoke Oded nuzzled against Tiger's shoulder, still kissing his lover, hands stroking over the smooth back, his hips shifting against Josh's.

Slowly his hands moved to his own shirt, unfastening the buttons with deft flicks of his fingers, eyes fixed on Tiger's.

Tiger grinned again, watching Panther watching him, and slid his hands down to caress tight buttocks as they continued their slow progress across the room.

“I think…” he began, eyes drifting down the smooth chest now revealed between the open shirt fronts, then, unable to resist, he leaned forward this time, bringing his hands up under the shirt, and licked the full lips in front of him.

Panther captured Josh's mouth beneath his own as his lover leant in to him, smiling as Tiger's hands wandered low and insistent. Still the music played on, guiding their bodies in a rhythm that was perfectly them, the sway of music simply adding to them. One hand rose to brush back blond hair, caressing the soft strands as they kissed.

“God,” Josh moaned as they parted for breath, “If I’d only known dancing with you would be this good…”

“I need…” he continued as his hands moved lower, finding Oded’s belt buckle and undoing it, all the while still moving with the slow pulse of the music, “…you,” he finished, tongue going to Oded’s neck this time, biting and kissing alternately down the curve to his shoulder. One hand remained between them, unzipping the other man’s pants; the other was at the dimple on one side of Panther’s back, and then dipping into the trousers, curving around a silky buttock even as he lowered the pants slowly.

As warm air touched him Oded's lips parted in surprise, his head tilted back to encourage the kisses, his back arching as Tiger's hand moved over his skin. His own fingers stroked Josh's thigh, then sought the belt buckle, drawing it free, easing down the zipper.

"Perhaps it is better that we do not dance in public..." he teased.

“Not unless they pay us damned well,” Josh removed his mouth long enough to reply laughingly, then he was back to licking, nipping and sucking at the smooth brown skin, and pushing at the other man’s pants until they dropped of their own accord to his ankles. His own jeans were also heading in a similar direction, and he circled his hips, still in time with the beat, hoping to aid their release.

Oded stepped free of his trousers, rubbing his body slowly against Josh's as he did so, the sensation drawing a low moan from him, a shiver that he knew Tiger must feel as his hands drifted down to caress strong thighs, pulling his lover closer.

"Bed, libe, whilst I can till stand."

The shiver that ran through Oded had Josh grinning as he removed his mouth once more to respond to the offer. The firm hands on his legs had him where he wanted to be, but he couldn’t agree more with what his lover wanted, nodding at his words, despite his enjoyment of the dance they had invented.

Unable to let Panther go, he swayed the man in the direction of the bedroom, all the while waggling his eyebrows in what he hoped was a sexy way, as he teased his lover with fingers dancing their own pattern on Oded’s ass.

"Continue that libe, and we will not manage the bedroom, only the floor or nearest wall." Oded warned in a low purr, his hands reaching back for Josh's, sliding down his wrists to rest over the long fingers, encouraging.

“And that would be bad, because…?” Josh questioned, raising the eyebrows higher as his grin widened.

With a slight growl Oded pushed Josh back, remaining close, his hand moving to cradle his lover's head and protect it from the wall as they kissed, his body fitting against Tiger's, the music still driving their movements, the slow dance of their hips together, the heated kiss.

Josh laughed before Oded’s lips met his and cut him off, not that he minded in the slightest. Panther had excited him more than ever with the movement to the wall, and he gave back as good as he got, tongue swiping around the other man’s and then sucking at it, his hands pulling the smooth buttocks closer, grinding their arousals ever tighter together.

"I gave you fair warning." Oded purred before his lips found Josh's throat once more, their bodies gliding together, the rhythm gone beyond simply the music, into something more purely the two of them together. His hips moved over and over against his lover's until he feared that he would simply lose himself here.

Josh forgot the music, forgot the day, forgot even where they were – all he could think of was Oded’s body in rhythm with his own, and the lips on his neck.

“Need you now!” he growled, trying to turn in his lover’s arms.

"Easy, easy." Panther gentled, pulling Josh once more to face him, into a hard kiss that he began to soften, moving Tiger once more. They had no lubricant in here, only in the bedroom. "A moment more..." his hand wrapped around Josh's arousal, caressing slowly as he stepped back, reaching for the drawer.

Tiger felt naked without the man as close to him as he had been, but the hand on him, although slow and gentle, felt insistent, and he needed to concentrate if he was to hold off finishing too soon. He leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes and trembling in need as he waited for Panther to get what they required.

For a moment Oded was forced to let go, then with the tube in his hand he prowled back to his waiting lover, nuzzling against his throat before slowly turning Josh to face the wall, fingertips gliding down his side. Fingers slickened, the tube was tossed aside, and Panther began to ease a finger inside Josh, feeling the trembling even now.

Tiger’s trembling increased if anything, when Panther pushed a finger in gently. Resting his forehead against the wall, Josh growled lowly, wordlessly, letting Oded set the pace for a change. Normally by now he’d have been insisting the man simply removed the digit and replaced it with something thicker, but for once he wanted his lover to do as he might. He writhed a little under the touch, lifting his hands to support himself against the wall.

That familiar growl only broadened Panther's smile.

"I do not tease, libe, only care." he reminded the impatient man as he slid a second finger beside the first, testing until finally he wrapped his arms around Josh's hips, the head of his arousal nudging against Tiger's entrance.

Tiger widened his stance, leaning forward a little more to allow Panther to slide in as he would. His breath began to stutter as he felt the hard thickness fill him, and he pushed back insistently as Oded reached full depth.

“God!” he let out, unable to stop himself.

Sheathed inside Josh Oded paused, his cheek resting for a moment against mussed blond hair, breathing in his lover's scent as he began slowly to move, reaching to fondle Tiger as he did so, wrapping a hand around the arousal, stroking a little faster as his hips worked.

Josh closed his eyes as he pushed back against his lover, working with the rhythm Oded had set, not caring what the music was doing now, though he could still faintly hear Chris Isaak crooning in the background. His climax was rising faster than he’d have liked, but Oded was good, much too good for him to hold back any more, and he let out another groan as he pumped all he had over Panther’s hand and down the wall.

The sounds of Josh's pleasure were too much to resist, and Oded's climax drew closer as his movements became desperate, his arms around his lover holding Josh tight. A moment later he slumped against Tiger's back, sighing heavily, kissing Josh's shoulders tiredly.

"Can you perhaps manage to reach the bed for sleep, or do you believe that is beyond us?"

Putting one hand back to stroke at a hip as Panther leaned on him, Tiger grinned to himself at the words, then turned slowly in the man’s arms. He put his arms around Oded’s neck and kissed him tenderly before answering.

“Oh, I think we could dance our way over there,” he smirked once he’d pulled back enough to look at his lover, and began swaying once more, gently directing Oded to where they could continue dancing, this time in the sheets.


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