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02 January 2007 @ 11:08 am
Soo, before Christmas I started doing drabbles(and then some) for all my icons and some of my icons are EN related, so, here are some EN related drabbles and the icons that go with them.

Title: Bourbon and Beer
Author: redjacket
Rating: PG
Pairing: None, really. Russ/Sean friendship.
Warning: None

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Russell wasn't sure how he'd ended up tonight's DD but he did know that since he was, they were walking home. He might not have been as shit faced as Sean, who was nearly face down on the table, he was so drunk, but he was well past the recommended levels of alcohol and even challenging his own, high tolerance.

Sean raised his forehead from the table, bleary eyes searching for his glass. He grabbed Russell's bottle of beer instead and took a swig of it, grimacing.

"S'shite, mate," Sean slurred. "Need ta fuckin' learn ta," he belched, "drink."

He let the beer fall back to the table with a clank and brought his hands up to press against his red, unfocused eyes.

"Fack," Sean murmured, "Jesus fuck. Russ..."

Russell watched as Sean swallowed, letting forehead drop onto the table again. Russell winced at the soft clunk of skin meeting wood. He'd got nothing from Sean yet, not since he found him in this dive, drinking straight from a bottle of bourbon. His eyes had tracked down the bottle to splotches of blood drying on the cuffs of Sean's shirt and he'd started matching him drink for drink.

Now he slammed some money down on the bar, nodding once to the bartender's sneer, and clamping his hand down on Sean's shoulder.

"Got us a room. Let's go."

Title: Haggard
Author: redjacket
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eagle/Hawk
Warning: None

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Eric was sleeping.

He looked exhausted, Sean decided. The deep purple bruises under his eyes didn't suit, and the wrinkles, were those new? they had to be new, creased his forehead and eyes, even when he was sleeping. He looked haggard, that was the word; Sean nodded once as he found it.

Not that he looked much better, of late. The weight of his memories, the weight of the three missing ones, well, it hurt a man's shoulders. Sean wondered, briefly, who convinced Hawk he needed to let it rest long enough to sleep.

Didn't look like it had settled well. Whatever he was dreaming wasn't helping.

Ah, lad.

When he found his bed already being warmed, Sean had stripped but pulled a chair up instead of climbing into bed. Should be calming, watching his lover sleep, wasn't somehow. Not tonight. But he'd not be able to look away from Eric. Felt like that, in the quiet of their room, felt like it was Eric he was watching. Rare, thing, that, Sean hadn't worked out if it was a pleasure yet.

Sean stretched, a grimace closing his eyes as he back cracked. When he opened them again, eyes that looked black in the light from their window were watching him.

Sean said nothing, waited, as those eyes watched him, the black pools melting into a grateful, warm smile.

Hawk shifted as Sean moved. He didn't look at Hawk after he slid into bed beside him, he didn't have to. He felt the man at his back, warm and solid, a strong arm anchored across his waist, the other under his pillow. Sean stared into the dull darkness for a moment, his fingers sliding up into Hawk's.

"Hmmm." Hawk's breaths against his neck made Sean shiver once then relax. He knew the lines on his face had relaxed.

He released a breath that had been sitting awkwardly in his chest for what felt like days, then he closed his eyes and slept.

Title: Sparrowhawk
Author: redjacket
Rating: PG
Pairing: None, Hawk and Sparrow friendship
Warning: None

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Hawk growled as he sank into an armchair and felt his body melt into a limp sprawl. He was still buzzing from the last round of pain medication that had been injected into his IV before he managed to escape. He expected one of the docs would be up here before long; they didn't tend to like it when he pulled his IV out and snuck away in their scrubs.

He was all right though, he knew that. Just...sore. And a little slow. Maybe somewhat drugged too.

Still, fine.

His head tilted back and he sank down until it rested against the back of the chair, staring at the ceiling. Fucking meds.

The door creaked as it opened and Hawk growled in response. There was a hesitation, then a huff of amused air and the light pad of socked feet across the carpet.

Tousled brown curls and eyes alight with a very soft smirk replaced the ceiling as Sparrow braced his hands on the arms of the chair, stood on his tiptoes and peered at Hawk.

Hawk groaned and huffed at him, raising one arm in an awkward, drunk greeting, "Hey, little bird."

"Heard you." Sparrow told him, tilting his head and considering his injured teammates. "Bad Hawk. Hurting."

"Am not," Hawk replied. He was not sulking. He did not sulk, damnit. And he was too...drunk on pain meds to be hurting, anyway.

Sparrow's head tilted again, ear almost touching his shoulder. He giggled. "Drunk then."

Hawk scowled, waving his hand again in dismissal. "Stop that."

"Can't. Drunk. Loud," Sparrow giggled again, a soft snort escaping as he tried to stop. "Bed?"

Hawk considered it for a moment, looked up at Sparrow to tell him he was fine where he was, then realized his eyes had shut and nodded in agreement. "Right. Bed then."

A few minutes passed in silence. Hawk heard an amused chuckled behind him and then Sparrow tugged gently on his limp arm. He opened his eyes and smiled at the little bird crouching in front of him, frowning.

"Okay, okay, bed," Hawk said, struggling to get onto his feet. He managed, just, weaving where he stood.

Hawk felt Orlando tucking against his side, moving his arm so it was draped over his shoulder. Hawk leaned on him, just a little. Sparrow made a squeak and a snort all at once and Hawk chuckled.

"Couch," Sparrow volunteered, steering his lug of a teammate the few feet to that piece of furniture.

"Couch," Hawk agreed, as he slid off Sparrow's shoulder onto the waiting cushions with a soft grunt. He was compliant, but not very helpful, as Sparrow tugged him, swinging his feet up and pulling off his shoes, sticking a couple pillows snagged from the bedroom under him.

Hawk sighed and listened to the sound of Sparrow padding around his apartment. His eyes had closed again and damn them anyway. The was the clink of a glass on his coffee table and the feather-soft rustle of padded fabric before the gentle weight of a comforter settled over him.

"Sleep," Sparrow instructed and Hawk felt a warm hand resting on his forehead for a moment. He reached up, grunting softly as he did, and clumsily stroked Orlando's long fingers for a moment; his arm felt too heavy to stay up any longer.

"Thanks, sparrowhawk," Hawk murmured sleepily. He sighed, settled. Sparrow took up a perch in the abandoned armchair, watching him sleep.

mrsbean: EagleDevotion/mrsbeanmrsbean on June 20th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
Poking around, more than a year later. I never saw these!

Very good, as always, Jacks. *sniffles*