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Where Eagle Flies

And Jaguar prowls

Where Eagle flies.
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This community is dedictated to the world of Eagle's Nest, a series of fanfiction written by sindahise. [The complete first novel, Eagle's Nest, can be found here. The work in progress that is the the sequel, In the Shadow of the Eagle, can be found here.]

This is a place to discuss anything related to the series, be it your theory on why Crowe is such a snarky sod, why Raven can't remember, or how we should kill Ian. Also posting of any articles related to the subject that you might stumble across, your personal experiences with the subject matter, questions you might have, or Eagle's Nest related artwork such as wallpapers and icons.

Especially encouraged is anything related to Eric-Kitty, as inspired by that scene.

And yes, we do have a twelve-man orgy. That probably gives you an indication of the nature of this fandom.

Lastly, the AU based Role Playing Game based on the series can be found here. Currently there is no need for new characters, but feel free to come along and watch us jump through hoops. It's great fun!